Daniel Linares

Event Business Coach, Strategist & Speaker

About Daniel

Daniel Linares is a curator of luxury events, providing unforgettable experiences for the most discerning clientele. Based in New York City, he is an avid globetrotter whose work has taken him to cosmopolitan cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as the Caribbean. Experiencing various cultures on a grassroots level is one of many factors that contribute to this multi-faceted designer’s perspective and creative vision.


With an eclectic background inclusive of marketing, branding, technology and music, Daniel brings a distinct approach to each celebration.


Having attended Frank Sinatra School of Performing Arts, he understands the importance of not only entertaining guests, but engaging them as well. By forming close relationships with each client, he has built a reputation for producing spectacular events that are uniquely and exceptionally tailored to every couple, individual, and corporation.

Daniel had his most profitable month in business in the middle of a pandemic – by going out of his comfort zone. We’ll hear all about it during Daniel’s dynamic presentation.

Event Business Accelerator is a proven coaching program by Daniel Linares designed to help event professionals and entrepreneurs gain clarity to accelerate profits by mindset mastery, intelligent brand positioning, marketing clarity, soft-sell sales, automation, and strategic systems.

Join us during #EFWEEK2020 for Daniel’s coaching session and Q&A.
Day 2: 17:00-18:00 (CET)