Nick and Mahina Hathaway

Owners of sailing holiday company 45 Degrees Sailing

About Nick and Mahina

Nick and Mahina originally hail from New Zealand. They run two businesses as they live and work full time here in Croatia: a sailing holiday company called 45 Degrees Sailing and an online company called Hashtag Content Agency.

Prompted in part by COVID and inspired by the many online entrepreneurs they have met during their time here in Croatia, they have pivoted 45 Degrees Sailing to specifially cater selected trips to digital nomads and remote workers who require a constant connection and the ability to work from the yacht.

Hear Mahina and Nick discuss life as a digital nomad couple and how their business caters to digital nomads in Croatia.
Day 1: 16:15-17:15 (CET) Digital Nomad Scene in Croatia

Even before coming to Croatia, they dabbled in the Digital Nomadic lifestyle to supplement their on-the-ground work, providing admin and technical support for small businesses in New Zealand, Australia and China from the various places that they lived temporarily. Coming to Croatia, they continued their online work, alongside their sailing holidays. Joining a local coworking community, plus their own experience travelling and working themselves, has given them a personal insight into the lives of Digital Nomads. With five Croatian summer seasons under their belt, they have developed an intimate knowledge of the islands enabling them to put together a sailing holiday that can juggle both work AND play, all aboard a gorgeous sailing yacht.

Digital Nomads often juggle deadlines, wifi reception, differing time-zones, and so much more! They understand how exhausting this juggle can be, which is exactly why they created a holiday package specifically designed to help Digital Nomads meet deadlines AND enjoy the wonders of the Croatian islands.

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