Renato Totic

Head of Hrvatski Telekom (HT) operations in Dubrovnik

About Renato

Renato Totić mag.oec, is a corporate account manager and head of Hrvatski Telekom (HT) operations in Dubrovnik. He has been employed by Croatian Telecom (HT) since 2007.
For the past six years, using telecom industry core resources (network and data centers as an essential utility), and with huge network of ICT partners, he is developing a Smart City framework as a powerful tool to create resilient cities. Resilient cities have the ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks (economic, environmental, social and institutional).
Through his work and expert knowledge of the ICT market and relationships between the academy, public and real sector, he is actively positioning Croatian Telecom as a key digital transformation enabler- connecting people, things and processes.
Continuous market transformation and the necessity of making a faster and more flexible corporate sector approach to today’s increasingly demanding market challenges, make him a pioneer of corporate entrepreneurship. This is a new corporate business model, formed in response to the emergence of a growing number of smaller and more flexible companies in the market, with the aim of preserving leading market competence and relevance of the corporate sector.
As a lecturer and panelist, he participates in domestic and international conferences: Ljubljana Forum 2015 – Empowering Cities and People, the Zagreb Forum 2015 – the Creative Cities End EU and the International Investment Forum in Dubrovnik 2016, IoT Forum 2019 – Zagreb.
He is also an active lecturer at Croatian Telecom.
He has long been engaged in entrepreneurship, in sales and business consulting for the integration of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Hotel reservation systems, as well as establishing a national standard of IT literacy.
As a director of a local newspaper and member of PR team of Dubrovnik Bank, he gained media relations experience. He graduated at University of Dubrovnik, where he was involved in managing international student organisation – AIESEC (local and national level).

Hear Renato speak about infrastructure in Dubrovnik, internet speeds and resilient cities:
Day 1: 17:15-17:25 (CET)

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