Tanja Polegubic saltwater office

Tanja Polegubic

Remote Work Specialist

About Tanja

Tanja J. Polegubic is the founder of Saltwater coworking network. Drawn to a lifestyle she calls a ‘precursor to the digital nomad movement’ – she swapped Australian winters for anywhere else in the world until wifi and digital nomadism came along. While Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, Canada and USA are great – it was always Croatia calling. The homeland of her parents, what started as an overseas holiday destination became an obsession.

Working as an independent consultant in international development projects across the Pacific, Asia and Africa, she found her team were always out in the field – not the office. She convinced management to trial remote working for a few months from Split. From this remote working lifestyle, Saltwater was born – largely to help other remote workers looking to base on the Mediterranean and enjoy the best of Croatia.

Tanja Polegubic saltwater office