Saltwater sets the standard for digital nomads and remote working professionals. We help cities and companies stand out to a global audience.

Saltwater Beach Office

You already know where you want to be – it’s now about working smarter.

It’s the most exciting time to be working, self-employed, in a career-transition or side hustlin’.

Working remotely presents a freedom which can feed our wanderlust while also earning.

Unlike the days when I started, when it was work, save, travel, return… sometimes to the drudgery and dread of a modern day dungeon (the humble cubicle). Not so any more.

We now have the freedom to choose where we work. And who with.

I founded Saltwater after taking my job with me, and not wanting to be alone in an apartment. And a lot of research into ergonomic chairs, indoor plants and office feng shui. I’ve been involved in community events since I can recall. The Art of Gathering inspires me – and making conscious choices to the time we have – be it alone to focus, or in company, making meaningful connections. Everything we do is so you can get out and seize the opportunities in front of you.

With Saltwater, we’ve created a place to connect and deliver a diverse, growing portfolio of business and community projects.

We started in 2017, and have been running a series of high-profile, award winning events – among them, for sustainability. We have a long-term approach, and models using co-creation and design thinking. We love what we do – and love working with people who are enthusiastic about destinations – whether it’s their own, or the one they want to go to. Get in touch to learn how we can work together.

We’re on break from December 2023 for the foreseeable future.

Tanja Polegubic Saltwater phot: Damira Kalajzic
Tanja Polegubic - Saltwater founder

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We bring you a network of premium spaces to work, stay and meet a global community. We offer corporate packages and consulting to business, cities and tourism boards. Our projects and partnerships focus on digital nomads in Croatia, Mediterranean agriculture, climate, sustainable tourism and women-led business. Plus, we’re proudly award winning. Our work includes:


Award Winning. International Mindset. Australian-origins.

Founded by one of Croatia’s leading remote work consultants and co-founder of the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia, Tanja Polegubic.

Saltwater was selected by the Croatian Chamber of Economy for their Women’s Entrepreneurial Incubator.

Saltwater are innovation winners with sustainable tourism projects within the European Union. We launched the first digital nomad conference in Dubrovnik 2020. And we’ve gone on to win multiple awards for our events. We’ve welcomed hundreds of  members to our workspace and events. From 2017 to 2023, we ran over 100 events, covering themes from Antartica to Artificial Intelligence.

If you’re a remote professional – we offer you instant productivity and instant community.

For destinations – we use a strategic approach to tell your story to the world, and get the world working from a new home – yours!

Our story has been seen in print, TV and online, including the New York Times Remote Work Guide.


Clients and Partners

We’ve had a series of funded projects, including 3 EU projects and working with 5 cities and tourist boards. Plus, we’ve engaged close to 90 global speakers and destinations during our event run, which was born in Covid. It all started with Croatia’s first conference for digital nomads, which even got a mention in the Washington Post. Whether it’s Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb … Tirana or Ljubljana – this part of Europe is an exciting and emerging spaces – are you part of the wave?

Clients and Partners

We’ve been funded by EU, city and tourist boards. We’ll get around to updating the full report, soon. Feel free to contact the 90 + speakers and destinations you may have seen at our events – they can attest to our ethos much better than we can.

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