Discovering the Modern Side of Plitvice Lakes: A Haven for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers … and Dogs

In a conversation with a visiting friend this week, the term staying relevant came up. It stuck with me. Especially as I write this. The modern traveler, among them digital nomads and remote workers, have needs which differ greatly to tourists of old. And so, when we look at Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction, Plitvice Lakes – with over a million annual visitors, it’s refreshing to see a modern take and progressive teams looking to cater to shifting needs i.e. remote workers, and in turn, stay relevant.

This is a review of a complimentary stay at Camping Plitvice in Autumn 2022.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


My first invitation to stay and review a place for digital nomads was five plus a few billion stars. With an indoor-outdoor on-site restaurant, hairdryers by request and even a dedicated dog wash zone, this campsite noob was impressed. It certainly stands out from the ‘western’ and ranch vibe rampant in the area. You know the one – the dark timber look and teepee inscriptions everywhere. There is certainly space for more modern and wellness focused offers in Plitvice Lakes. Especially given the abundance of tranquil experiences you can have when choosing to base near Plitvice Lakes, rather than just day-tripping. So, kudos to Camping Plitvice for identifying the opportunity – and excelling at building an elevated offer for the region.

I was invited by Camping Plitvice (a five star camp) with a lens on how the camp serves remote working and digital nomads. Here are the takeaways:

  1. Great for nature-loving teams
    Your out-of-office experience truly is outdoors. This site is equipped with outdoor amphitheatre, outdoor gym and restaurant area with outdoor seating. Plus, there’s a dedicated working room and congress hall and the mobile homes (and restaurant) are laptop friendly. I learned it’s popular for team building. Where, the campsite is used for the ‘work’ days, and final day is used to visit the National Park.
  2. Couples, Pairs, Besties & Families
    A great spot to base and get work done if you’re in this category. Solo is trickier, unless you’re there for pure focus – in which case, it’s perfect. Depending what time of year you come, there are 2 pools and since my visit – newly added jacuzzi in some accommodations. The layout of the homes makes it easy to make friends, but also preserve your privacy.
  3. Cars and Vanlifers
    The site, in fact most in the area, are best suited for self-driving. If you don’t have a car – you can also arrange paid private transport. While you can also pitch a tent, the limited accessibility will start running up your budget – from groceries to dining out. This place suits anyone with a car, and there’s an increasingly growing network of eVehicle charging stations around Croatia. You can also visit Tesla’s birthplace and memorial centre – 1 hour 15 mins away.
  4. Forest bathing
    Yes. It’s a thing. And worthy of its own point. The reception boasts a list of activities in the area. I found a piece on the business blog about the art of forest bathing. The phytoncides – natural oils released by trees, have the science backing their positive impact on our immune system and mood. In Japan, it’s known as Shinrin-yoku – the practice of immersing oneself in the healing atmosphere of the forest. What more, it’s free.
  5. Dogs
    With a longstanding goal of having a dog, this place was super pet-friendly, including the dogwash, which is technically five star. They also rescue dogs which wander into the park, and have adopted out several. Now, that’s an extra star!

Overall, in line with taking a few extra days when visiting a place, trying the local trout, and walking the park sans crowds – the trip really made me be more mindful of carving more time in nature – combining it with the ability to work remotely.

And, as I came here on my own en route to a project in Central Istria, I realise I really need a dog.

Thank you to the Camping Plitvice team for the comp stay. Images courtesy of Camping Plitvice.

If you’re looking to book thanks to reading this – please mention Saltwater Nomads, and get in touch about your experience – I am keen to know what you enjoyed. And what your dog thinks.

Camping Plitvice amphitheatre
Camping Plitvice Pool and Restaurant

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