Dubrovnik Digital Nomad Ambassador Program 2023 – It’s a wrap!

Dubrovnik Digital Nomad ambassadors

In 2023, Saltwater Nomads continued its collaboration with the city and tourist board of Dubrovnik. The picturesque city, known for its historic charm, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views, continues to serve the digital nomad community.

In 2023, the city played host to a diverse group of Digital Nomad Ambassadors, bringing a wealth of expertise and experiences to this captivating destination.

The esteemed group of ambassadors included Han Talbot, Yvonne Worden, Helena Bradbury, Mita Carriman, Kristie Sullivan, Dan Hogston, Its Mr Metaverse, Rowena Hennigan, Marlee McCormick, Jeff Burkett, and Nilesh Pandey. This dynamic lineup comprised remote work experts, community builders, travel content creators, metaverse experts, and semi-retired professionals.

The program, designed for a year-round rotation of digital nomad ambassadors, aimed to showcase Dubrovnik as an ideal location for remote work. Throughout their stays, ranging from one week to one month, the ambassadors hosted a variety of engaging events such as meetups, talks, and workshops. These activities provided a platform for them to share their unique experiences of working remotely from the enchanting city.

The presence of Digital Nomad Ambassadors is a strategic move to build communities and raise awareness in cities seeking to attract and cater to remote workers. Dubrovnik, with its rich history and modern amenities, proves to be an excellent backdrop for fostering connections and promoting the benefits of working remotely.

During the program, the ambassadors were available for in-person and online interaction. This accessibility allowed individuals interested in the digital nomad lifestyle to connect with the ambassadors, gaining valuable insights into the experience of living and working remotely in Dubrovnik.

As the Dubrovnik Digital Nomad Ambassador Program continues to unfold, it solidifies the city’s position as a welcoming destination for those seeking a blend of professional opportunities and an exceptional quality of life. The collaborative efforts of these ambassadors contribute not only to the growth of the digital nomad community but also to the cultural exchange and vibrancy of Dubrovnik.

Special thanks to the City and Tourist Board of Dubrovnik, DNA Croatia, Direct Booker, The Embassy of the Netherlands, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, Kawa and D’Vino Wine bar for supporting this program.

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